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Paideia 450: Ethical Choices



In Paideia 450: Ethical Choices juniors and seniors face ethical challenges and learn to make educated choices. In this one-semester course, often in an area key to their major or intended profession, students use the critical reading, thinking, and writing skills developed in Enduring Questions to explore an ethical issue.

On-Campus Paideia 450 Course Topics January 2014:

  • Paideia 450: Anthropology and Public Health
  • Paideia 450: Religion and Literature

Off-Campus Paideia 450 Course Topics January 2014:

  • Paideia 450: People and Parks: Pastoralism and Conservation in East Africa (Tanzania)
  • Paideia 450: Reconciliation in South Africa (South Africa)
  • Paideia 450: War, Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia (Cambodia)
  • Paideia 450: Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City (Italy/France)
  • Paideia 450: English Theatre:  Mirror of Society and the Human Condition (England)
  • Paideia 450: Ecology of the Southwest (Arizona) Sequenced in Spring with Environmental Politics and Policy

See a video (of the Green Germany 2011 course or read the blog). Or check out the gallery of photos from recent off-campus Paideia 450 courses.