Jake and Whitney (Keltner) Wessels '11

There’s More to College than Studying

Jake and Whitney definitely welcomed diverse experiences while they were in college. “What I loved about Luther is that while I knew I was being well-prepared for medical school, I could sing with Norsemen, be an R.A. (resident assistant), take part in a theatre production, and go on service trips with various Luther groups,” says Jake.

Whitney felt her experiences in and outside the classroom gave her insight into professions she might pursue. “Although it took me a while to discover what I wanted to study, I feel my collective developmental experience made me realize what my interests were,” says Whitney. “Being an R.A., spending a semester in a refugee camp in Malta, going on service trips, and doing research work for my psychology professor really made a strong impact on who I am today.”

College Experiences Shaped Their Careers

“Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my coursework and the student groups I was involved in greatly influenced my career choice as a social worker,” says Whitney. “Being a part of social justice activities and working with under-served and migrant populations gave me significant mental health experience.”

While at Luther, Jake learned the value of Luther connections. “I job shadowed two Luther grads who were practicing medicine. One doctor was in Rochester, Minnesota and the other in Des Moines. It helped in my preparation for med school,” Jake says.

“We still rely on Luther references to help us achieve our career goals,” says Whitney.

When I was an R.A., I planned a lot of activities for the guys on the floor. I often found I was having so much fun that I could hardly believe I was getting paid for it.

—Jake Wessels '11

I visited Luther with my older sister during Iowa Private College Week when I was a sophomore in high school. I identified with a lot of Luther’s principles and appreciated the college’s initiatives. My sister went to Luther and I followed two years later.

—Whitney Wessels '11