Mimi Armatas ‘19

Embraced by Community

Mimi was drawn to Luther because of the welcoming campus culture she felt during a visit. “Not only was Luther small with a tight-knit community, but I felt like people were making an effort to get to know me even just when I was visiting,” Mimi recalled. “It felt like the whole community was involved with the well-being of others, and that kind of environment felt right for me.”

Becoming Adaptable

Mimi’s journey as a Luther student equipped her with skills that she has been able to refine and utilize after graduation. “Through the many different classes and learning opportunities I took part in at Luther, I learned to expect change and adapt quickly, something very important in the workplace,” says Mimi. “I would tell any first-year student feeling overwhelmed to consider lots of options for your life after college and think about why you want to pursue what you do.”

Constructing A Unique Toolkit

Mimi pursued majors in English and music, a road that she did not foresee herself taking when she initially came to study music education at Luther. After being encouraged by a faculty member, she took the leap. “I learned that I enjoyed both majors immensely without the anxiety that came along with pursuing something that was ultimately not right for me.” Mimi has been able to use the tools she developed from both disciplines and cultivate them into a versatile skill set that she has taken into her professional career.

A Diverse Education and a Purposeful Life

After graduating from Luther in 2019, she interned with American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio as the Classical MPR intern. Her background in music combined with her prowess in communication and writing propelled Mimi to excel during her internship. Even when she felt challenged by things she wasn’t familiar with, her education equipped her to approach new situations with grace.

“My liberal arts education helped me become a fast learner and encouraged me to be willing to try new things,” she says. “Sound production is important in a media company, but it was something I was not very familiar with. Since I was comfortable trying new things, I was able to learn a lot in my short time there.”

Since her internship with MPR, Mimi has worked as a contractor in two different positions around the Twin Cities and isn’t sure which one she’ll ultimately pursue.  Whatever she chooses, she’ll make sure it’s meaningful. She says, “Luther helped me realize how important it was to find a sense of purpose in everything that I do, which helps me find ways to be fulfilled.”

A Mentor to Help Guide Her Journey 

“English professor Lindsey Row-Heyveld was a huge support to me throughout my time at Luther, from Paideia my first year to my very last semester. She helped me believe in myself and has always encouraged me to stay open to new paths in life while also helping me form my sense of passion and direction.” 

—Mimi Armatas