Madeline Davidson '14

On to Graduate School

Madeline is working on a master’s degree in architectural engineering at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. “Within the architectural engineering program, I’m focusing on architectural acoustics,” she says, “This summer, I’ll work as an intern in acoustical and noise control engineering at ESI Engineering in Minneapolis.”

Developing Her Interests in Acoustics

“One of my physics professors at Luther gave me a lot of direction and support in this area,” Madeline says. “Because of my interest in acoustics, she guided me in an independent study to delve further into the physics of sound and musical acoustics, beyond what is taught in the entry level Physics of Sound course.”

Her Musical Talent and Experiences Prove Valuable, Too

At Luther, Madeline took piano and oboe lessons, played oboe in Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, and played violin in the student-led pop string orchestra called Strangz.

“One of the Luther experiences that had the greatest impact on me was the Vienna residency J-Term trip I took with the Symphony Orchestra,” she says. “The cultural experiences in the music capital of the world along with the community within the ensemble made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Madeline believes that even though she lacks a background in engineering, her math and physics classes combined with her music interests provide a solid foundation for her to excel in graduate school. “Having courses in physics and math, along with an extensive knowledge in music, has definitely given me a unique edge in the field of acoustics,” she says.

I knew I wanted to attend a Christian liberal arts school because my parents made me aware of its value. I also wanted a school that was strong in math and science, but would give me opportunities to study music at a high caliber individually and in an ensemble.

—Madeline Davidson '14

Work Study Experiences

Madeline worked as a resident assistant and piano accompanist. "Both were great experiences that let me use my skills to serve the Luther community while helping with college costs," she says.