Hannah Myott '13

Using Her Knowledge and Skills in Positions Abroad

Since graduating from Luther in 2013, Hannah has spent most of her time abroad. “I started out with a year in Vienna, Austria, doing an English teaching assistantship,” she says. “After that, through the genius and unrelenting support of my German professors at Luther, I spent four months as an intern for sustainability for Henkel at their global headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany.” Then Hannah and another Luther grad packed their bags and set off for New Zealand, where she has lived for the past year. There, she has supported herself with freelance writing and German translating. “This all probably sounds pretty random,” she says, “but I'm trying to find my way to make a difference in this world.”

Luther Felt Like Home from the Start

Hannah knew Luther was the perfect place for her since her first campus visit. “What struck me about Luther was that it made me feel like I would truly have a place,” she says. “There was no ‘you'll be privileged to be with us’ mentality—only an overwhelming feeling of being welcome.”

Academics and Beyond

With majors in German and anthropology and a minor in music, Hannah had a very full course load. Despite her rigorous academic schedule, she was able to play sports, sing in multiple choirs, as well as pursue numerous work-study positions. She played on the women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Freya, all four years, despite never playing it before college. As a member of Nordic Choir, she toured the East Coast and the British Isles. Additionally, she worked for the German department, the admissions team, and Luther sustainability. This wide variety of activities allowed Hannah to enter into the real world with a collection of skills and experiences that qualified her for careers in many fields.

“They all influenced me in different ways: Nordic Choir taught me how to be vulnerable and confident at the same time. German tutoring helped me solidify my German knowledge, giving tours and making calls with the Luther admissions team helped build my confidence, and working as a sustainability rep helped me better understand the sustainability challenges our world faces.”

Hannah advises first-year students to be equally adventurous. “Try out some new things, even if you're not sure you'll like it,” she says. “Allow yourself to discover yourself freely at Luther, as it's a safe zone where you'll be greeted with unending support rather than judgment. Don't hold back.”

Lifelong Friendships

“Perhaps most important to me were the close friends I made, including the roommate I was lucky enough to be matched with first year and who ended up being one of my lifelong best friends.”—Hannah Myott ’13

When asked how her Luther education prepared her for a career, Hannah spoke highly of her time in the classroom and with her professors. They instilled in her the belief that “there is no greater calling than finding your place for making positive change in the world,” she says.