Abigail Suhr '18

Inspiration from the Dance Program

“I chose Luther because of the dance program,” Abby says. “The way Jane Hawley presented it to me was so intriguing and after one class as a prospective student, I could very easily see myself fitting in in the class environment.” Abby’s first class in the dance program was Contact Improvisation. She says, “It opened me up to a whole new world of dance and a kind of movement that I immediately became comfortable with.” Jane Hawley’s Movement Fundamentals curriculum focuses on doing movement in a way that is safe and right for your body with numerous creative possibilities that don't involve injury. This approach resonated with Abby.

Standout Experiences

Aside from her dance classes, Abby remembers a couple of experiences from Luther that made an impact on her. During her sophomore year, she was part of The Invitation Game dance performance. She says, “I learned to assist in the creative process and join a collaboration of students and faculty to create a performance piece that we could all be proud of.” She also appreciates her experience with SPIN’s 1440 Minute Musical as a performer and a choreographer. She says, “It taught me the importance of communication, working hard, and problem solving when things don't go as planned.”

Life After Luther

Abby wants to assure first-year students that it's okay not to know what you want to do immediately after graduation. College allows you to find out where your passions are.” Abby says that Luther prepared her for a career by constantly giving her opportunities to grow. She says, “I appreciate the education I received at Luther because it taught me the skills needed to succeed in the dance world.”

Her senior year at Luther, Abby began auditioning for dance companies and performances. She continues to audition in hopes of joining a professional dance company. In the meantime, however, Abby was in a commercial for a local photography company, and also recently choreographed a solo for a high school student to compete in the Iowa State Drill Team Association Solo Competition.