• Elise Sinnwell, Physician Assistant

    "My coursework in biology at Luther helped prepare me and make me successful during graduate school...I learned how to think and work through complex problems, which is an invaluable skill in medicine."

  • Todd Brown, Guidance and Control Engineer

    "The analytical approaches that I apply to my work assignments at NASA are the same as those I originally honed in the Physics Department at Luther."

  • Emily Holm, Assistant Product Marketer

    "To me, Luther seemed to have it all: strong academics, supportive professors, a beautiful location, plenty of student activities, and a close-knit community that tied it all together. It ended up being everything I wanted in a college–and more."

  • Eli Williamson, Director of Veterans Program

    "Luther taught me the value of relationships and the value of service to things larger than myself."

  • Heather Morris, Senior Manager of Global Communications and Social Media

    "The second I stepped foot on campus, I knew Luther was for me. The sense of community, people, campus, it all fit for me. To this day, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

  • Matt Cox, Exhibit Developer

    "Luther not only helped me discover what I love to do, but also that I should always be looking to expand my knowledge and skills. I’ve learned that it's critical to continue learning and growing in your profession."

  • Anthony Nunez, Principal

    "Of all the campuses I visited Luther was the most welcoming. There was a clear focus on community."


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