Significant Others IV: Malta Reviews

Lions den

Fairstein, Linda. 2016. Into the Lion’s Den. Penguin Random House LLC (Dial Books for Young Readers). 320pp. $8.51. ISBN 978-0399186431.

The wonderful book I’m writing about is written by Linda Fairstein. This is her first children’s book and hopefully not her last. The title of the book is the Devlin Quick Mysteries, Into the Lion’s Den. The book was published by Dial books for young readers. The book is long but amazing. It’s a medium to long read but the size is really easy to carry. I think the book is great although it did have parts some even I did not understand. So I would say this book is recommended for 8-12 age of readers. The type of book is a mystery book and a human interaction book reading it is like opening the petals of a flower. The book has a very interesting plot; it is that a girl is being excused for stealing a page from an ancient book in a public library. I like the book because it has an awesome intriguing story that I want more of! The characters are very nice and also believable. The themes of the book are: hope, love, mystery, and promise. I really recommend this book. It is amazing!



Whitesides, Tyler. 2018. The Wishmakers. HarperCollins. 336p. $11.89. ISBN 978-0062568311.

I absolutely adore this book– it’s so, fascinating! The first sentence made me laugh for a whole minute and made me want to continue reading the interesting book. In the beginning of the book there are two characters, one called Ace and one called Ridge. Ace is perfectly normal after living in an adoption center for a year or two while Ridge is a genie. Ace would have never believed him until Ridge told him “make a wish if you don’ believe me!” Ace, being as confused as ever, asked for a lifetime supply of PBJ sandwiches! And… BOOM the house was filled with sandwiches after that. He realized he was standing next to a genie. In my opinion, the size of the font is rather good as is the size of the book! The story is fascinating; it’s so good I read the book twice! I'm actually starting a reading circle with my cousins who come over almost every week and we are all going to read a large book and write a review. Whoever writes the best review wins! In this book even one page makes my imagination explode! The book is inspiring and mystery themed. After reading the book, I felt complete and happy. One thing I learnt from the book is to always read the warning label on any type of container! You never know if there could be a genie living inside it. I would definitely recommend! I would also love to meet the author– I think we would get along very well!