Minimum Admission & Progression Criteria

Criteria to enter into or progress within the nursing major were implemented to ensure patient safety and quality of care. Minimum criteria for admission to the nursing major and continued progression within it include:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) for college courses taken at Luther College of 2.75.
  2. A minimum grade of “C” in all courses required for the nursing major.
  3. Repetition of any single course required for the major no more than once.
  4. Repetition of a total of no more than two courses required for the major.

Decisions affecting continued progression in the major after admission to it are made at the end of each semester. Students who are not meeting minimum criteria to either be admitted to or progress within the nursing program have the opportunity to submit a written petition to the Department of Nursing.

Completion of this form does not automatically mean you WILL be admitted into the program or allowed to progress. It does, however, allow you the opportunity to express your circumstances to the Department for consideration. Please pay attention to the details on this page. Forms submitted earlier or later than the allowed time frame will not be considered for review by the department.

Process for Submission of Petition

  1. Semester grades are published to students no more than 1 day following the faculty submission deadline. The Registrar communicates with students this date each semester.
  2. The Department of Nursing will communicate to students when the online form is available for completion. After completion of the form, you should receive a confirmation page with a copy of your submission. If you do not receive this, please resubmit the form.
  3. The Nursing Department will review all petitions at one time, and students will receive written notification of decisions.


  • Students with an advisor within the Department of Nursing: Please contact your individual advisor with questions.  (All students considering appealing are encouraged to contact their advisor ahead of time.)
  • Students who do not have an advisor within the Department of Nursing: Please contact Jayme Nelson (nelsjaym) or April Rowe Neal (roweap01), Nursing Department Heads, with questions.
  • For questions or issues concerning the form, please contact the Department of Nursing ([email protected]).