Why Pursue Nordic Studies?

The Nordic region is today known for the ”Happiest People in the World” (Norway) and as pioneers in social democracy, peace studies, environmental policy, entrepreneurship and justice. In this program, students develop strong language skills in Norwegian that help to facilitate their exploration of this region through their studies.  

At Luther, course offerings in Nordic Studies focus on all these areas to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the significance of this region as a leader in today’s world. Through the courses, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in Nordic Studies students gain concrete skills to navigate the contemporary global landscape.

Why Pursue Nordic Studies at Luther?

As the oldest college founded by Norwegian immigrants in the United States, Luther offers a strong program that combines the deep historical ties that have led to connections to Norway and the whole region today. The length and depth of the connections afforded by history and maintained today makes Luther an exciting and rich place to pursue academic work in this field.