Media Relations email distribution policy

This policy describes the acceptable use of Luther College's email distribution services, commonly referred to as "all-campus emails" or "campus-wide emails."

The policy is maintained and regulated by the Communications and Marketing department.

To minimize the number of emails that faculty, staff and especially students receive, we ask that all offices on campus follow the protocol below when requesting a campus-wide message be sent.

  • Campus-wide emails must first be approved by the originating department's vice president (or other member of the President's Cabinet).
  • Approved requests should then be sent to the Media Relations Director Julie Shockey Trytten, [email protected], for review. Requests should be sent one week prior to requested send date.
  • When this lead-time is not possible, requests should be made as soon as possible to allow for any questions to be resolved, scheduling to occur and for the message to be proofread.
  • Aimee Viniard-Weideman, vice president for communications and marketing, will have the final decision on any disputed emails.

Campus-wide messages should be

  • Timely/of urgent need to the community
  • Concise, clearly written
  • Free of typographical errors
  • Unable to be distributed by other means (Tuesday, Bulletin, Chips, Cafeteria tables, bulletin boards, etc.)

The following noted exceptions are allowed to send from their own lists as needed:

Residence Life Office
Registrar's Office
Dean's Office
Human Resources

Offices that use mass email as their primary form of communication are asked to use services, such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, that allow recipients to unsubscribe or opt out.