Research Interests

Contributions to Nursing Education

I am passionate about generating a high-quality nursing education experience for my students! With 30 years of nursing experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner, I seek to inspire and educate students using narrative pedagogy (stories that we share together for the purposes of learning) and highly technical, immersive experiences in virtual, assisted and augmented reality and simulated patient experiences in the lab.

My current research interests include the utilization of augmented and assisted reality in the science classroom.  Rather than simply learning about a disease, it is my hope to help students "experience" the disease through the use of augmented and assisted reality modalities.

I have done extensive work in virtual reality, cumulating with the development of a conference in 2013 in the virtual reality world of "Second Life." The conference (on health care changes) was "attended" (virtually) by people from all over the world. 

I have also incorporated virtual, augmented and assisted reality into the classes that I teach.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching nursing students – whether it is completing my 7th time teaching in Nottingham, England or whether it is incorporating technological innovation into the varied classes that I teach in the sophomore and senior levels. I enjoy presenting and publishing work in these areas.


  • "The Reformation of Medical Care", The Reformation of Everything Symposium, Luther College, 10/17.
  • Panel presentation (ethical perspectives) for movie "Trapped", 6/16
  • "Sudden Life", Chapel Sermon 3/14
  • "Connecting Students in Innovative Ways" Podium Presentation, 12th Annual International Nursing Simulation/Learning Resource Centers Conference: Hit the Jackpot with Evidence Based Simulation, 6/13.
  • Distinguished Service Award Presentation for Kirk Stapleton 10/13
  • Keynote Speaker: "Will you treat ME? Funding mental health care treatment - now and under the Affordable Health Care Act" presented at the annual Mental Health Symposium, April 27th Virtual Ability Island, Second Life.
  • "How Will the Affordable Care Act Impact You?" Presentation to the Disabled Community in Second Life, Virtual Ability Independence Island, 2/13
  • "Faith and the Limits of Human Understanding" FOCUS (Contemporary Student Led Worship Service), 09/12
  • "Ethics and Spirituality: Using Virtual Worlds to Connect Nursing Students", Faculty Brown Bag: Enhancing Student Learning through Information Literacy and Technology, 4/12
  • "Pedagogical Approaches to Engage Students: Creating Virtual Worlds to Engage Students in a Capstone Nursing Course", Luther College Faculty Meeting, 11/11
  • "Ethical Hedonism in the Virtual Reality World of 'Second Life': Nozick’s Experience machine Redux?" workshop presented in Cambridge, England at the 5th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning, 8/10


  • The Reformation of Medical Care. Agora, 30(1), Fall 2018
  • The Virtuous Nurse in Virtual Reality. Agora, Spring 2013
  • Practicing Effective Provider Phone Contacts Teaching Strategy. March 2013 Quality and Safety Education for Nurses.
  • Sentinel Event Simulation Presentation Teaching Strategy. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses. March 2013.
  • Invited Contributing Author for NCSBN Nursing Community Blog, "The F-word and the Nurse" posted May 16th, 2012.
  • "The Patient’s Responsibility", co-authored with Joan Henricksen Hellyer, American Journal of Nursing, 111(2), February 2011.
  • When the Healer is Healed, Agora, 20(1), Fall 2008
  • Who Owns You? Intellectual Property Rights and the Patenting of the Human Genome, Agora, 19(2), Spring 2007
  • Perioperative Nursing, Neurological Disorders, Drugs for the Neurological System, three chapters submitted for Delmar’s Complete Review for NCLEX-RN.
  • Challenging the Dominant Paradigm: Deconstructing Medical hegemony, Agora, 17(2), Spring 2005