LCWBB International Travel

Every 3-4 years the team has traveled internationally to different areas of Europe and South Africa, with the most recent trip to the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia). Players travel with trip leaders, coaches, and a team academic advisor. They look forward to visiting different communities, teaching basketball, playing games, sight-seeing, and learning from everyone they meet.

The purpose of trips like this is for our girls to give back through basketball and share their love of the game with others. This is a great opportunity for our girls to understand that they are playing for more than wins and losses, and that their successes are bigger than the score at the end of the game. Regardless of culture, or traditions, basketball is a universal language that speaks of love, hope, and teamwork.

As the coach of this team, it makes me very proud that our girls have this opportunity, and that they are so willing to give to others. I know that these trips will only bring them closer together as a group after their lives are touched and changed by the people and the cultures they experience.