About Our Program

A close-up of a LCSO student playing violin at CAL19.

We have a rich string tradition at Luther College, and our program includes applied lessons, weekly string studio classes, chamber music, and orchestral music. String players at Luther enjoy numerous performance opportunities such as performing in weekly string studio classes, playing in faculty-coached chamber ensembles, giving solo recitals, performing in departmental general recitals, and playing in one of our three orchestras. Our biennial concerto competition has often featured some of our most outstanding string students performing with the Luther College Symphony Orchestra. String players at Luther are able to fully participate in every aspect of our program, regardless of major or career interests.

Many of our music major graduates have gone on to have fine performing and teaching careers. Our Music Education program is outstanding, with nearly 100 percent of our music education majors finding jobs upon graduation. Many of our graduates also go on to pursue graduate study in music performance and secure positions in acclaimed orchestras around the world. We model music as a life-long vocation and avocation, and many of our graduates continue to be involved in musical activities in their communities long after graduating from Luther - often playing in chamber groups, community and professional orchestras, and teaching.

Continue your lifelong pursuit of enjoying and mastering your string instrument by joining us in the string area of the Luther College Music Department!

Chamber Music

String students at Luther enjoy immersive opportunities to perform standard literature from the string chamber music repertory; including string quartets, string trios, piano trios, piano quartets, and piano quintets.