About Our Program

Photo from a Jazz Band performance in Marty's in October 2019.

The jazz program at Luther College is an immersive experience in which students are able to develop their skills through multiple performance opportunities and rigorous coursework. Luther students have the opportunity to perform regularly with Luther’s two big bands, and a variety of additional informal performance opportunities are available through combos and jam-sessions. In jazz performance, there is an emphasis placed on individual expression, group identity, and collaborative acumen in the pursuit of swinging, soulful music-making.

Additionally, students who pursue jazz studies have the opportunity to sharpen their skills through applied improvisation lessons, improvisation classes, theory/arranging, and history courses. Whether you intend to be a music major or not, every aspect of the Jazz program at Luther is available to you.

If you are interested in developing critical jazz skills while experiencing the joyful and collaborative nature of jazz, Luther College is the place for you!