Music in the Shape of a Pear
Fluxion:  Works for Flute
Lisa Bost-Sandberg – flute, alto flute, and bass flute

Saturday, September 29, 2018
12:00 noon


Flames Must Not Encircle Sides for solo flute (1980)
Robert Dick (b. 1950)

Snowblink for solo flute (2017)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg (b. 1982)

December for solo alto flute (2011)
Harvey Sollberger (b. 1938)

  1. Mondo liso
  2. Pas de deux
  3. Night Forest
  4. Fragile Shapes/Liminal Song

Life-Drawing for flute and tape (2001)
Lawrence Fritts (b. 1952)


Der Ohrenzeuge: character study after Elias Canetti for solo bass flute (2001)
Joseph Klein (b. 1962)

I Will Not Be Sad in This World for alto flute and electronics (2006)
Eve Beglarian (b. 1958)

Fluxion for solo flute (2008)
Lisa Bost-Sandberg (b. 1982)

Rubha Hunish for solo alto flute (2016)
Brooke Joyce (b. 1973)