February 9th, 2016

Noble Recital Hall                                                                                                                 

Music for solo cello, electronics, and imagery from the Iowa Composer's Forum


The Eye of Horus for solo cello (2011)          Ted Moore ('09)


Sonnet 5 for solo cello (2002)          James Romig


Santa-Fe Trail Echoe (Image-Music VIII-A) for solo cello (2001)         Greg A. Steinke

    Prologue: Round Mound, New Mexico

    On The Trail: Iron Springs Stage Station, Colorado

    Epilogue: Cañoncito, New Mexico



Bleached for solo cello (2015)          Nima Hamidi




The Wood Runner for solo cello and delay pedal (2014)          Jillian Whittaker



Wondrous Love for cello and tape (2002)         Brooke Joyce





Vanishing Perspectives for amplified cello (2005)         Timothy Kramer



Improvisation for ecello (2016)         Craig Hultgren