February 15, 2015     Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Decorah                                                        

Music of Brooke Joyce


Laugate eum in cordis (2010) for the Luther College String Trio                             

    Tarn Travers, violin; Spencer Martin, viola; Eric Kutz, cello


Sticks and stones (2009) for the Talus Trio

    Carol Hester, flute; Heather Armstrong, oboe; Michael Chesher, clarinet


Four Luther Chorales (2011) for Spencer Martin                                                                               

I. Aus Tiefer Not                                                                                         

II. Von Himmel Hoch

III. Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Töd überwand

IV. Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin

    Spencer Martin, viola; Brooke Joyce, organ


The Artsy Harpsichordiste (2007) for Kathryn Reed                                                                              

I. In the mechanical style                                                                                                          

II. In the poesy style                                                                                                                  

III. In the goblin style                                                                                                                 

IV. In the vocalise style                                                                                                                 

V. In the pat-a-cake style

    Kathryn Reed, harpsichord


Une Cité Moderne (2014) for Heather Armstrong                                                                             

I. Beffroi (Hommege á Vierne)                 

II. École Primaire (Hommege á Debussey)                                                                                        

III. Halles (Hommege á Poulenc)                                                                                                  

IV. Bureau de Postes (Hommege á Honegger)                                                                                   

V. Magasin de Nouveuatés (Hommege á Satie)                                                                                

VI. Église (Hommege á Messiaen)                                                                                                

VII. Cinema (Hommege á Ravel)

    Heather Armstrong, oboe solo; Carol Hester, flute; Rebecca Keller, oboe; Michael Chesher, clarinet; Rebecca Shaffer, horn; John Cord, trumpet; Michael Smith, trombone; Leif Larson, percussion; Virginia Strauss, Jerermy Maas, Namuun Tsend-Ayush and Daniel Ray, violin; Isak Swanson and Marissa Eckberg, viola; Peter Swanson and Emily Tope, cello; Sam Milligan, bass