MITSOAP XIV: February 3-4-5, 2012
New Music Festival

February 3, 8 pm, NRH: Experimental Music, from Andriessen to Wolff
Cage, Atlas Eclipticalis

Andriessen, Worker's Union

Oliveros, The Well

Cardew, Memories of You


Via Métro

Selections from the Fluxus Tradition

Robert Watts, Vocal Struggle for Dick Higgins

Ken Friedman, Whoop Event

Friedman, Cardmusic for Audience

Watts, Duet for Performer and Audience

Davi Det Hompson, Lessons

February 4, 11 am, Good Shepherd Church: Music for Children (to play, sing, and listen!)
David Vayo, That Book and We're Rolling a Snowball

Denise E. G. Knaack, A Visit to New Hampshire

Tess Spesia, Mysterious Night

Elaine Erickson, Katrina the Cat and Wild Horses

Philip Wharton, The Perfect Pig

Ben Allaway, Sahaytah

February 4, 2 pm, NRH: Chamber Music from Iowa and Environs
Timothy Kramer, Key Fragments

Steve Smith & Amanda Hamp, Duet

Jason Andrew Palamara, Conformity #15

Ralph S. Kendrick, Tinged with Afterglow

Jerry Owen, Grant Wood Gallery

Jeff Weston, trust me

February 4, 4 pm, NRH: More Chamber Music from Iowa and Environs
Kiki Cavanagh, Wandrers Nachtlied

Kimberly Osberg, Prairie Rain

Neil Quillen, Six variations for guitar

Clayton Dryden, Spontaneous String Quartet

Zachariah Zubow, Hiking the Cascade Creek Trail

Roberto Gemignani, Trafalgar

Joseph Carey, hanamidori

Warren Gooch, Through a Glass Darkly

Dan Fernelius, Otherworld Suite

February 4, 8 pm, NRH: Even More Chamber Music from Iowa and Environs

Maxwell Lafontant, Payday

Mitchell Dietz, Trio for flute, oboe, and clarinet

James Romig, Variations

David Maki, Lake Sonata

Aaron Perrine, ...of the Saints

Michael Eckert, Three pieces for 2 pianos

Jeffrey Prater, Three Songs on Texts by Andrey Zabotkin

Brooke Joyce, Flash!

February 5, 11 am, Sundt Organ Room: Bombardes to Zimbelsterns: Composing for the Organ (presentation by Bonnie Johansen-Werner)

February 5, 2 pm, First Lutheran Church: New and Recent Music for Organ

Bonnie Johansen-Werner, Variations on "Veni Creator"

Timothy Kramer, Meditation (Noël Nouvelet)

Brooke Joyce, Four Luther Chorales

Dan Locklair, Rubrics

Alan Schmitz, Dodecaccata