MITSOAP VI: October 11-12, 2008
Iowa Composers Forum Festival

Meg Spesia, Weather Report: Five Pieces for Piano (Sarah May, piano)

Jordain Volkert, Flying Birds (Nicole Gesch,Rachel Haug & Kristin Johnson, flutes)

Ashley Kendrick, Rainy Day (Ralph Kendrick, piano)

Danny White, Three Poems by Tu Fu (Sarah Walker, mezzo-soprano; Danny White, piano)

Danielle Orihuela, Three Dances (Brett Cooper, piano)

Marilynn Etzel, Three Pieces for Piano (Marilynn Etzel, piano)

Kathleen Ryan, Verbs (Kathleen Ryan, piano)

Brooke Joyce, IOWA (Madeline Young, alto saxophone; Emily Pettit, marimba; Isaac Behrens, piano)

Ray Songayllo, Sonata for Flute and Piano (Anne Stein, flute; Ray Songayllo, piano)

Steve Smith, Studies in Light (Tana Field, soprano)

Jerry Owen, Dialog VIII, The Wick Dialog (Stacie Mickens, horn)

Ralph Kendrick, Ooghedy Booghedy (Kristine Fletcher, bassoon)

Jonathan Schwabe, The End of Act I (Spencer Martin, viola; Xiao Hu, piano)

Ted Moore, Stilled Drops (Laura McCarty, cello)

Jonathan Chenette, Grandmother's Hymnal (Edwin Andereck, tenor; Jessica Paul, piano)

Carl Schimmel, Towns of Wind and Wood (Carol Hester, flute; Heather Armstrong, oboe; Jessica Vansteenburg; clarinet; Kristine Fletcher, bassoon; Stacie Mickens, horn)

Warren Gooch, Three Fauxmanian Dances (Meira Kim, violin; Carey Bostian, cello)

Maurice Monhardt, Each His Pair of Silver Doves (Virginia Strauss, violin)

Ray Songayllo, Sonatine (Ray Songayllo, piano)

John Rommereim, Into the Still Hollow (Andrew Whitfield, baritone; Xiao Hu, piano)

Steve Smith, 3 Murder Ballads (Ryan Deignan, tenor; John Goodin, mandolin)

Joshua Reznicow, Rhapsody no. 1 (Carol Hester, flute; Jubal Fulks, violin; Carey Bostian, cello; Du Huang, piano)

Warren Gooch, Light of Shadow (Michael Geary, timpani)

Jerry Owen, American Celebration Overture (Luther College Concert Band; Fred Nyline, conductor)

Daniel Raney, Kitt'n in a Birdbath (Luther College Jazz Orchestra; Tony Guzmán, director)

Bonnie Johansen-Werner, Non Nobis Domine (Luther College Chapel Choir and Ringers; Gregory Peterson, conductor)

Philip Wharton, Verdant Twilight (Luther College Chamber Orchestra; Daniel Baldwin, conductor; Marjorie Wharton, piano)