MITSOAP IV: October 16, 2007
Music for Flute and Harp

Jeremy Beck,Songs Without Words (Anderson and Chenette)

Katherine Hoover, Dances and Variations: Entrada (Anderson and Chenette)

Charles Ives, Memories (Karen Kanakis, soprano; Brooke Joyce, piano)

Joseph Jongen, Danse Lent (Anderson and Chenette)

Brooke Joyce, 4 Ways of Looking at the Moon (Anderson and Chenette)

Niels Le Large, Redbone (Luther Percussion ensemble; Michael Geary, director)

Jerry Owen, Nocturne, Lullaby and Canticle (Anderson and Chenette)

Astor Piazzolla, Histoire du Tango (Anderson and Chenette)

Charles Rochester Young, The Song of the Lark (Claudia Anderson, flute; Jeanmarie Kern Chenette, harp)