MITSOAP III: March 6, 2007

Lars Johnson, Survival of the Fly (CD)

Pierre Boulez, Messagesquisse (Eric Kutz, solo cello; Luther Cello Ensemble)

Zach Zubow, Shiver Me Timbers (Lorie Scott, flute; Heather Armstrong, oboe; Amanda Van Wechel, clarinet; Keith Root, bassoon; Kristin Galstad, horn)

Steve Smith, Three Murder Ballads (M Andrew Jones, tenor; John Goodin, mandolin)

Jerry Owen, Encounters (Miko Kominami, piano)

  • Salutations
  • What's in a wink
  • On seeing a Grant Wood
  • The old tin-type in grandmother's music box
  • The porcelain tree at the Chinese exhibit
  • The angst in the air after the presence of a rock musician
  • She