MITSOAP I: March 2, 2006

Erik Satie, Unappetizing Chorale (Marjorie Wharon, piano)

Glen Wegge, Three Songs from Moon Poems (Kadee Crotier, soprano; Brooke Joyce, piano)
"A net to snare the moon light" (Vachel Lindsey)
"The moon's the north wind's cooky" (Vachel Lindsey)
"The path in the sky" (Vachel Lindsey)

Steve Smith, This is just to say and variations (Edwin Andereck, tenor; Brooke Joyce, piano)

Brooke Joyce, Prairie Etudes (Susan Hatch Tomkiewicz, English horn)

Bun-Ching Lam, Another Spring (Carol Hester, flute; Erik Kutz, cello; Miko Kominani, piano)

John Cage, 4:33