Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below frequently asked questions about the music scholarship audition process.


When will I hear back about my scholarship audition results?

When you hear back is determined by where you are in the admissions process.

Luther College has rolling admissions which means beginning October 1 acceptance letters are sent within approximately 2 weeks upon receipt of all admission application materials.

If your audition occurs AFTER acceptance, you will receive a letter notification in the mail (approximately 2 weeks after your audition date).

If your audition occurs BEFORE acceptance, your music scholarship award information will be included and sent approximately two weeks after receipt of all admission materials.  

Music scholarship awards are also included in your financial aid award letter which are mailed later in the year. When students indicate an intention to audition, all financial aid award letters are held until scholarship auditions have been completed.

If your admission materials have been submitted, it has been more than two weeks since your audition and you have not received notification, please contact Jana Vorvick for assistance. 

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