• An abundance of preserved histories

    Members of Nordic Choir are able to experience the historic architecture and culture found throughout the world through their tour experiences.

International Touring

Nordic Choir International Tours

Music ensemble tours provide an enriching and immersive opportunity for students to learn actively, live purposefully, and lead courageously through the sharing of music and local culture.  Ensemble tours also promote the musical excellence of the Luther College Music Department to audiences both near and far.

Nordic Choir tours internationally every three years to destinations around the world.  Each tour offers profound experiences for students to learn and connect with people across the globe. International tours include immersive opportunities to visit historic sites, enjoy popular cuisine, and share music in world-class venues.

In May of 2018, Nordic Choir traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic. The international tour planned for 2021 was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Nordic Choir will travel internationally again in 2024.