Hosting the Luther College Jazz Orchestra

Hosting the Luther College Jazz Orchestra

Thank you for your interest in hosting the Luther College Jazz Orchestra.

Please call or email the Jazz Orchestra tour manager, Karen Martin-Schramm, 563-387-1737, about available dates.

Performance space dimension requirements:

  • 24 ft x 19 ft
  • Please send floor plan with dimensions and photo of performance space to the tour manager.
  • Jazz Orchestra Stage Plot

Other space needs:

  • 2 large dressing rooms (required)
  • 1 private dressing room (preferably with a private restroom)
  • sometimes a second private dressing room is needed

Volunteers needed:

  • Volunteers to provide pre-concert meal for 25 people
  • Volunteers to provide homestays for 20 students
  • Two ushers for greeting, passing out programs, and collecting donations 

Housing needed:

  • Homestays* for 20 students (2-4 students per home, or larger groups work too)
  • Homestay hosts donate:
    • simple post-concert snack
    • sleeping accommodations
    • breakfast
    • transportation back and forth from concert venue

    *Note some students may have environmental or food allergies and we ask housing coordinators pay special attention to these allergies when organizing homestays.

Meals required:

  • Concert host provides a pre-concert meal for students, director, bus driver, and tour coordinator (24 total)
  • The tour manager can provide suggestions for meals that are inexpensive, easy, and healthy.

Promotion needs:

  • Volunteers need to hang posters that Luther College will provide in prominent locations
  • Host should promote concert on organization's social media sites (can share content created by Luther College)
  • Share with tour manager media organization contacts Luther College should contact about articles and/or advertisements
  • Promote the concert through word-of-mouth advertising, getting the community excited!

Luther College provides:

  • Concert promotion in high schools and churches within a 30-mile radius
  • Direct concert promotion to high school students interested in Luther as well as Luther alumni, parents and friends within a 30-mile radius
  • Help in finding area homestays and volunteers if needed
  • Social media marketing and promotion (available for sharing on host accounts)
  • A great concert, wonderful students, and an opportunity to bring your community together!