Faculty by Area


Jon Ailabouni, trumpet
Rebecca Boehm Shaffer, horn
John Cord, trumpet
Michael Smith, low brass

Composition/Music Theory/Ear Training

Heather Armstrong, music theory
Jason Britton, music theory, ear training
Jonah Elrod, composition, music theory, ear training
Amy Engelsdorfer, music theory, ear training
Brooke Joyce, Composer-In-Residence, music theory, ear training
Miko Kominami, music theory, ear training
Virginia Strauss, music theory


Daniel Baldwin, orchestra
Andrew Last, choral
Spencer Martin, orchestra
Cory Near, instrumental
Mark Potvin, choral
Jennaya Robison, choral


Jon Ailabouni, Jazz Band
Daniel Baldwin, Director of Orchestral Activities, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Head of Department
Rebecca Boehm Shaffer, Brass Ensembles
Philip Borter, Philharmonia
John Cord, Brass Ensembles
Juan Tony Guzman, Director of Jazz Studies, Jazz Orchestra
Andrew Last, Director of Choral Activities
Cory Near, Interim Director of Bands, Concert Band, Wind and Percussion, Varsity Band
Greg Peterson, Luther Ringers
Mark Potvin, Cathedral Choir, Norskkor
Jennaya Robison, Collegiate Chorale, Aurora
Michael Smith, Brass Ensembles

Jazz Studies

Juan Tony Guzman, Director of Jazz Studies, vocal jazz, history of jazz
Jon Ailabouni, jazz improvisation, jazz theory and arranging
Peter Hart, jazz saxophone
Lynne Postudensek Hart, jazz saxophone
Christopher Olson, jazz guitar and electric bass


John Strauss, Coordinator of Keyboard, piano
Xiao Hu, piano
Du Huang, piano
Miko Kominami, piano
Gregory Peterson, organ
Kathy Reed
, harpsichord
Nicholas Shaneyfelt, collaborative pianist

Music Education

Jill Wilson, Coordinator of Music Education
Heather Armstrong, double reeds methods
Andi Beckendorf, string methods
Rebecca Boehm Shaffer, brass methods
Philip Borter, string methods
Michael Chesher, woodwinds methods
John Cord, brass methods
Michael Geary, percussion methods
Juan Tony Guzman, orchestra methods
Carol Hester, woodwinds methods
Igor Kalnin, string methods
Mark Potvin, choral methods
Jennaya Robison, vocal pedagogy
Michael Smith, brass methods

Music History

Melanie Batoff
Amy Engelsdorfer


Micheal Geary


Philip Borter, Coordinator of Strings, cello
Andi Beckendorf, double bass, music librarianship
Rachel Brandwein, harp
Igor Kalnin, violin
Spencer Martin, viola
Christopher Olson, guitar and electric bass
Virginia Strauss, violin
Matthew Williams, viola

Voice and Opera

Beth Ray, Coordinator of Voice, voice, opera, diction for singers
Andrew Whitfield, Coordinator of Opera, voice, opera
Ed Andereck, voice, opera, vocal literature
Deborah Gover, voice, opera
Carla Hanson, voice, opera
Carol Kreuscher, voice, opera
Evan Mitchell, voice, opera
Gary Moss, voice
Lynn Rothrock, voice
Nicholas Shaneyfelt, voice, opera
Rachel Storlie, voice, opera
Jonathan Struve, voice, opera


Heather Armstrong, oboe
Micheal Chesher, clarinet
Thea Groth, bassoon
Peter Hart, saxophone
Carol Hester, flute
Lynn Postudensek Hart, clarinet, saxophone