Choral Auditions

A close-up image of members of Collegiate Chorale.

General information for ALL students with interest in choir:

At Luther, we have five choral ensembles that are open to students of all majors and singing experience. Whether singing is a career aspiration, something you love to do in your free time, or you've never sung in a choir before, there is a place for you.

  • Nordic Choir: Luther's principle choral ensemble, open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • Collegiate Chorale: Auditioned ensemble comprised of singers from the junior and senior class.
  • Cathedral Choir: Auditioned ensemble comprised of singers from the sophomore class.
  • Aurora: Primarily composed of first-year sopranos and altos
  • Norskkor: Primarily composed of first-year tenors and basses.
  • First year students: for information about the required audition for applied voice lessons, go to our Voice Webpage.

Full rehearsals will begin the first week of October. During fall semester, all music ensembles will rehearse weekdays between 4 and 9 PM. Detailed rehearsal schedules TBA.


Information for incoming first-year students:

First-year students have the ability to begin their choral career at Luther in either Aurora (soprano/alto) or Norskkor (tenor/bass), depending on their voice part. Auditions will be held August 29-31 and will include singing "My God How Wonderful Thou Art," from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Book #863. All voice parts sing the melody (soprano) line for choral auditions (basses and tenors down the octave). Interested students should complete this form to request an audition time. After students submit the form and before arriving on campus, they will receive an email with an assigned choir audition time.

Note: Students planning to audition for Aurora or Norskkor should keep Monday-Thursday from 7:00-8:30 pm free during September Term for rehearsals. Not all students will be called for all rehearsals during S-Term. Rehearsal times for first semester are forthcoming.

Information for returning students: 

Current students are eligible to audition for Nordic Choir, Collegiate Chorale, and/or Cathedral Choir in the spring. After their audition, students will hear back from one of the choral faculty as to which specific ensemble(s) they are recalled for and recalled materials will be sent at this time. The recall process includes singing a prepared hymn or choral piece, sight reading, and vocalization. Recalls for these three ensembles take place September 30-October 4, with rehearsals beginning shortly after.

Information for transfer students:

Upon decision to transfer to Luther, transfer students with interest in singing in choir should contact Andrew Last to be considered for Nordic Choir, Collegiate Chorale, or Cathedral Choir in the spring. Auditions for Cathedral Choir and Collegiate Chorale occur at both the start of the Fall and Spring Semester, while auditions for Nordic Choir only occur at the start of the Fall Semester.


Questions? Please contact Andrew Last, director of choral activities.