Festival Schedule

2020 Dorian Vocal Festival Schedule

Please note this schedule is subject to change. A printable version of the schedule is also available to download.

Sunday, January 12

12:00-1:30  Registration for the Dorian Vocal Festival. (Balcony Area, Center for Faith and Life). Meal tickets for the Cafeteria may be pre-purchased at this time in the main floor lobby of the CFL. They may be purchased for specific meals, but no refunds will be given for unused tickets. 

Only directors or parent chaperones go through the registration line. You may register at any time during the registration period, but please arrive early enough to be finished before the 1:30 choir seating time. Name tags for each director and drawstring bags for each participant will be given to the director. Signed release forms for each student must be turned in if not sent in ahead of time.

1:30  Seating of the Festival Choir (Main Auditorium, Center for Faith and Life)

2:00-4:10  The first Festival Choir rehearsal will be held with Andrew Last. Promptness and full attendance are required. Students should put their coats in the designated areas where one enters the main auditorium. Please do the same Monday evening. (CFL)

4:15-5:00  SOPRANO/ALTO voices remain and rehearse their pieces with Elaine Hagenberg. (CFL)

4:30-6:30  Dinner in the Student Union Cafeteria ($11.75) or Marty's Cyber Cafe (Downstairs of the Union)

5:00-7:00  Soloists perform at designated centers. Please be there a few minutes ahead of your lesson time.

7:00-8:30  Concert. Featured guest choir, Sioux City East High School Choir underneath the direction of Tom Hales will perform. Aurora and Norskkor, the two Luther College first-year choirs, will also perform on this concert. (CFL)

8:45  Students get their personal belongings and take them to their assigned housing area 

8:45-11:00  for directors, a reception will be held at the Courtyard & Cellar in downtown Decorah after the Sunday evening concert. Co-sponsored by West Music Decorah and Luther College.

9:00-10:45  Dorian Dance! Two doors will be unlocked for this event. The north door right off of the parking lot in the North Gym, and the door on the south side of the building accessible by the walkway between the CFL and the Union. Dress is casual. (North Gym, Luther College Regents Center)

11:00  Students must be in their on-campus housing sites and remain there overnight. Doors to the residence halls will be locked 24/7, so be sure to keep your key cards with you. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and use of any illegal substances will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from campus.

Monday, January 13

Optional Opportunity: Members of the admissions staff will be available to answer your questions and share information about Luther College in the Recital Hall in the CFL (directly behind the Main Hall)
9:15-9:45 - Soprano/Alto     9:45-10:15 - Tenor/Bass

7:00-9:00  Breakfast: Student Cafeteria ($7.75, opens at 7:00) and Oneota Market (a la carte - opens at 7:30)

8:15-9:45  First rehearsal for ALL Festival Choir TENOR/BASS voices with Mark Potvin. (CFL)

9:00-12:15  Soloists perform at designated centers. Please be there a few minutes ahead of your lesson time.

9:45-10:15  Second rehearsal for Festival SOPRANO/ALTO voices. (CFL)

9:45-10:15  Directors' Chorus Rehearsal (Recital Hall, CFL)

10:30-10:50  Chapel at Luther College. All are welcome. Attendance is not required. Directors’ Chorus will perform at Chapel. (CFL)

11:00-12:00  Directors’ Session: Topic TBD presented by Elaine Hagenberg. (Noble Recital Hall, Jenson-Noble)

11:00-12:30  Full Rehearsal for ALL in Festival Choir.

12:30-1:30  Lunch in the cafeteria ($10.75), Marty's, and the Oneota Market will be open as well for a la carte meals.  Remind students they may exit from the CFL by way of the tunnel leading to the Union dining area.  Exit door - west hallway - CFL.

1:30-2:30  Soloists perform at designated centers. Please be there a few minutes ahead of your lesson time.

1:45-2:30  Final rehearsal for ALL SOPRANO/ALTO voices of Festival Choir. (CFL)

2:30-3:00  Final rehearsal for ALL TENOR/BASS voices of Festival Choir. (CFL)

2:45-4:00  Directors’ Reading Session presented by Elaine Hagenberg. Music Packets have been generously provided by JW Pepper. (Noble Recital Hall, Jenson-Noble).  

3:00-4:15  Final Festival Chorus Rehearsal. (CFL)

4:15  Announcement of semi-finalists for contest soloists. (CFL)

4:20  Directors' Chorus Performance. (CFL) 

4:40  Recalls of semi-finalists. Students heard in mini-lessons and nominated for consideration as concert soloists will sing again in front of a faculty panel for final selection. (CFL)

5:00  Directors' Banquet (Peace Dining Room, $15.00-must pre-order tickets). Dinner on your own for students in the Cafeteria ($11.75) or in Marty’s Café.

6:00-6:30  Nordic Choir Rehearsal. (CFL)

6:30  Doors Open for the Grand Concert. (Main Hall, Center for Faith and Life) 

7:00  Grand Concert by the Dorian Festival Choir, outstanding soloists, and the Luther College Nordic Choir. (Main Hall, Center for Faith and Life)

Concert dress:
Option A:
A collared shirt with nice dress pants. Ties are encouraged.
Option B: A nice blouse with dress pants/skirt or a dress. 
White and Black are not a requirement for concert clothes.