Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Festival repertoire, and how do schools obtain it?

Once the rosters have been set for the Festival Choir and the Chamber Choir, lists will be sent to Kephart West Music, here in Decorah. Music packets will be assembled there for each school, based on the students selected from that school. One copy of each piece will be sent for each student, along with one copy of each piece for the school director. The school will be billed directly by Kephart’s for the music sent. Payment to Kephart’s for the music must be separate from the payment to Luther College for the Festival fees.

Unused music may be returned to Kephart’s
for a full refund (minus postage) according to the time schedule which will be included in the music shipment.

Some schools may already have a Festival selection in their school library. Music packets will be assembled in full for each school, with the understanding that unneeded music may be returned. Many schools are making it possible for participating students to keep their Festival music, however, so it doesn’t make a difference if the music is already in the school library or not.

2015 Dorian Vocal Festival repertoire (TBA)

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