Dorian Vocal Festival

71st Annual Dorian Vocal Festival
January 10-11, 2021

We invite choral directors each year to nominate outstanding high school junior and senior vocalists to attend the Dorian Vocal Festival. Approximately 1000 students will be accepted to participate in the festival choir.

In addition to rehearsals for the festival choir, students also have a chance to participate in private mini-lessons with Luther College voice faculty. On Sunday night, students will hear performances by the Luther College Aurora, our soprano/alto choir, and the Luther College Norskkor, our first year tenor/bass choir, and a high school guest choir. The Festival concludes on Monday evening with a Grand Concert, featuring the Festival Choir, five high school soloists selected from the mini-lessons, and a performance by the Luther College Nordic Choir.

Nominations for the 2021 Dorian Vocal Festival will open in October.