DIY In-Home Jenson-Noble

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Jenson-Noble Hall of Music
It’s that time of year. The temperature is prime for walks to Whippy Dip, juries are done, and the Showcase Concerts are the only events left on the performance calendar. While the end of the school year is very exciting, we know for many of you who regularly find yourselves in the music building that at some point this summer you're bound to contract a serious case of the "I-Miss-Jenson-Blues." To ease the pain of being gone for three months from your second home here at Luther, these DIY guidelines will help you create your very own in-home Jenson-Noble for those times when you just need a little dose of Luther College Music culture.

  1. Buy 4-6 CD players. (One Saturday of local garage sales should do the trick.) Get recordings of all the Luther ensembles. Place the CDs in the CD players, place the CD players in different rooms of your house, turn the volume all the way up, and push Play…on every single one! This simulates any normal afternoon in the Jenson lobby.
  2. Find an area of your backyard or another outdoor location within 100 ft of your door. Stock it with hazelnut lattes and cinnamon rolls. Go there everyday at the same time…probably around 10:30 am. This is your make-shift Sunnyside.
  3. Listen to a Beethoven symphony on a record player after you write out all the themes on a chalkboard by memory and realize how much you miss Music History with Griesheimer.
  4. Stay up until 1 a.m. practicing.
  5. Find a piece of piano music and label all the augmented sixth chords.
  6. Hang out on Naxos. Read some articles on Grove.
  7. Attend eight recitals in one weekend. After each one eat a bunch of cake and cheese and write your name on a piece of green cardstock.
  8. Pretend it's afternoon in the NRH lobby. Find a big purple body-length cushioned bench and take a nap.
  9. Soak your reed in coffee. 8 a.m. conducting class.
  10. Sing in a public restroom and act like it’s perfectly normal.
  11. Put a landline phone in the middle of your living room. Never use it.
  12. Tell your mom that her new name is Doris. 
  13. If you go on vacation (aka “tour”), make sure you count from the back of the vehicle to the front before departing any location.
  14. Create a slide show for your television, have it always on, and have it synch to your google cal. A color scheme of blue and white equals bonus points.
  15. Hold general recitals in your living room. Force the dog and cat to be your accompanists.
  16. Rename the basement rec room “The Kingdom” and hang out there watching Netflix instead of practicing.
  17. Purchase palm trees and arrange them in all the hallways of your house.
  18. Re-carpet your house in purple.
  19. Put a padlock on one of the kitchen cupboards and call it your music locker. Place all your instruments, a sweatshirt you wore to rehearsal three months ago, and various caf dishes inside.
  20. Whenever your younger siblings have friends over, just sigh under your breath “Dorians”.

Have fun Jenson-Noble dwellers, and see you in September!

(P.S. Presuming you take our excellent advice and implement one or more of these ideas, connect and share pictures and videos with us on Facebook and Twitter!)

Katherine Haller
Eric Ellingsen