The Hostel in Voss

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I think my favorite place that we stayed was the hostel in Voss.  When you hear the word “hostel” you wouldn’t have ever expected to see a place that was as nice as it was with a great view of the lake and a delicious breakfast. 

Voss, like the other Norwegian cities/towns we stayed in, was on a lake or fjord and surrounded by snow-covered mountains.  There was a fast river that went through the town and there were a lot of stores lining the streets.  The hostel was near the edge of the town, but an easy walk for anyone who needed to go somewhere in the town.  The rooms were set up with bunked beds and a bathroom/shower room.  The only suspicious thing about the room were the curtains that were hung in each of them.  If you look at the photos with this post, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The place even had wi-fi, so for us internet addicts, this was a welcomed surprise.

When we woke up, we were presented with a buffet-style breakfast that had fruit, yogurt, granola, orange juice, coffee, eggs, and pretty much anything you would want in a breakfast.  On the hillside across the street from the hostel was an organic farm that produced a lot of the fruits and vegetables that they served at the hostel.

Although this night of residence was simple and not as luxurious as the hotels we had been staying at, I think I liked the hostel more than the hotels for that reason.  All the members of LCCB were living next to each other, there wasn’t any city noise, and the food was grown and prepared right there.   I only wish I had taken more photos than just of the one of the “interesting” curtains.

Curtains in Voss