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Saturday Showcase Concert with Jazz Orchestra and Concert Band

  • Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022
  • Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
  • Location: Center for Faith and Life, Main Hall


Jazz Orchestra

Limbo Jazz (processional) Duke Ellington Transcribed by David Berger

Sing Sang Sung By Gordon Goodwin Soloists: Micah Miller, drum set Tom Altier, clarinet Sam Liska, trumpet

La Camorra By Astor Piazzolla Soloist: Alex Heidorn, baritone saxophone Arranged by Fred Sturm Tom Altier, soprano saxophone

Gentle Piece By Kenny Wheeler Soloists: Claire Panus, flugelhorn Sam Liska, flugelhorn

Basso Urnessto By Bob Washut Soloists: Jack Kates, bass Tom Altier, alto saxophone Micah Miller, drum set

In the Tradition (Traditions) By Rick Lawn Soloists: Javiera Caro, piano Alex Heidorn, baritone saxophone Tom Altier, soprano saxophone Micah Miller, drum set

Why Not! By Michel Camilo Soloists: Tom Altier, alto saxophone Arranged by Martin Anderson Javiera Caro, piano Jackson Kates, bass

 Concert BandFandango deAlbuquerque Brooke Joyce b. 1973 *World Premier Performance
Selections from “The Danserye” Tielman Susato (c.1510-1570)/Dunnigan

  1. La Morisque
  2. Bergerette
  3. Les quatre Branles
  4. Fagot (attacca)
  5. Den hoboecken danse
  6. Rondo and Salterelle
  7. Ronde & Aliud (attacca)
  8. Basse dans: Mon desir
  9. Pavane: La Battaile

Pineapple Poll; Suite from the Ballet

Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)/Mackerras/Duthoit

  1. Opening Number
  2. Jasper’s Dance
  3. Poll’s Dance
  4. Finale

*The composer writes: Fandango deAlbuquerque was written in memory of my friend and colleague, Joan deAlbuquerque. My strongest (and fondest) memories of her tend to revolve around her dynamic presence on the podium when she conducted one of her bands - she was one of the most animated, energetic musicians I’ve ever seen, and that energy and love of music infused so much of her life. While I deeply mourn her passing at such a young age, in composing this piece, I wanted to remember what a dynamo she was as a conductor and human being. 

  • Dr. Brooke Joyce; Composer-In-Residence

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