Hosting Collegiate Chorale

Thank you for your interest in hosting the Luther College Collegiate Chorale.

For available dates, contact tour manager Chris Hale.

Some of the hosting requirements are negotiable. Contact Chris if you have questions.

Hosting Requirements

The tour manager will want to see a floor plan with dimensions and a photo of the performance space. The choir travels with its own risers which require a 36 x 16 ft. performance area.

Other space/equipment needs:

  • Large dressing rooms for 80-90 students
  • Dressing room for the conductor, preferably with a private restroom
  • Large gathering space for a pre-concert talk
  • Recently tuned piano


  • Volunteers to provide a pre-concert meal
  • Volunteers to provide homestays
  • Publicity helpers (putting up posters, promoting through community and church networks)
  • Ushers for greeting audience members and collecting donations


  • Homestays for 80-90 students, usually in groups of 2-4

Homestay hosts provide:

  • Post-concert snack
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation from venue to their house, and back to the venue the next morning


  • The concert host will need to provide a pre-concert meal for the choir, leaders, and bus drivers. The tour manager can provide meal suggestions that are inexpensive, easy, and healthy.

Promotional tasks:

  • Hang posters in prominent places (Luther College will provide the posters)
  • Promote concert on your organization social media sites by sharing content created by Luther College
  • Contact local media organizations about articles and/or advertisements
  • Engage in word-of-mouth promotion

Luther College provides:

  • Concert promotion to nearby high schools and churches
  • Invitations to Luther College alumni, friends, and high school students who have expressed interested in Luther
  • Social media marketing and promotion
  • Talented student musicians and an opportunity to bring your community together for a wonderful concert!