Carolyn Mottley

I am a physical chemist which means I am interested in the side of chemistry that overlaps with physics and mathematics.  I came to Luther in 1975 and have taught courses at all levels in the Chemistry Department - from courses designed to meet the science requirement for students majoring outside the sciences to courses for the junior/senior chemistry major. 

One of the courses I started teaching a number of years ago is the Advanced Chemical Principles course for students who are well-prepared in chemistry and math.  This is a fast paced course that moves the student through general chemistry quickly and into the Analytical Chemistry course in the second semester.

I have been involved in a lot of research throughout my career at a variety of places such as the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa; Northwestern University; The Medical College of Wisconsin; and Argonne National Laboratory.  Most of my work has been done in collaboration with a group at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (which is one of the institutes in the National Institutes of Health).  My research involves the use of electron spin resonance to identify and study the free radicals formed from xenobiotics in biological systems.