Publications and Projects

Recent Publications

“Animal Sacrifice in Plato’s Later Methodology,” chapter in Plato’s Animals, Jeremy Bell and Michael Naas, eds., forthcoming from SUNY Press.

“From the ‘Gotcha!’ to Immanent Critique” in “Reflections on Pedagogy: A Symposium,” philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism 2(1): 2012.

”The Garden of Adonis: Ancient Analogue for the Modern Agricultural Revolution,” Agora, Luther College, Fall 2012.

Ongoing Projects

Plato's Mimetic Method is a book project arguing that Plato's philosophical method is thoroughly mimetic, in that it imitates Socratic method, it critically appropriates the methods of philosophy's competitors and, ultimately, provides a reflection upon Platonic method itself.

“The Psychagogic Work of Examples in Plato’s Dialectical Methodology,” being revised for publication in Philosophy and Rhetoric

“Why Does Thrasymachus Blush? Ethical Consistency in Socrates’ Refutation of Thrasymachus,” under review at Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought