Holly Moore

Holly Moore has been a professor in the Philosophy department since 2010, focusing on the topics of ancient philosophy and 20th century continental philosophy. Some of her course topics include Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Art and 19th and 20th Century Philosophy.

During January Term, Professor Moore has co-led a course where students explore the relationships between practices and theories of art through the lenses of philosophy and art history. Students learn theoretical approaches in ethical art criticism and aestheticism and then apply these to contemporary debates about the role of politics in art, censorship and government sponsorship of art, and problems related to the representation of women, ethnic and racial groups, and children in art.

In coming terms, Professor Moore will be teaching a course on rhetoric in the Intersections program as well as teaching a seminar on Queer Theory.

Personal Statement on Philosophy

Most people think that you ask a question in order to get an answer. Philosophers, however, tend to think that the question is the most important part. I am especially interested in the questions of philosophy, whether ethical, metaphysical or aesthetic. Studying philosophy has allowed me to pose questions about what matters most to me, and it has also made it easier to distinguish adequate and inadequate responses to those questions. Philosophy allows you to think well, and I think this is an essential part of living a good life.

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