Course Topics

ART 108 Foundations: Drawing

This course introduces basic aesthetic and technical aspects of drawing to students as they work to address the challenge of thinking and creating two dimensionally. Emphasis is on direct observation and translation of objects and environments into drawn images.

ART 200 Painting I

An introduction to painting techniques and color theory including a technical understanding of oil media. A visual vocabulary and the start of personal investigations into life painting and conceptual problems will be explored using still life, landscape, and the human figure as subjects.

ART 207 3D Modeling and Animation

Course will cover computer based 3-D animation with emphasis on creative content, experimentation and critical thinking. Advanced software and hardware will be used to explore modeling, texturing, physics simulations, and animation. Offered alternate years.

ART 208 Life Drawing

This studio course provides students with a thorough understanding of the structural anatomy of the human figure with emphasis on proportion, weight distribution, form and mass.

ART 209 2D Studio I

This studio course broadens the approach of 2D work through the intersection of painting, drawing, collage, and printmaking. Technical methods and design problems will be investigated through the combination of multiple media. Color theory and design practice will be employed to explore conceptual problems.

ART 216 Printmaking I

An introduction to the aesthetic and technical considerations of the printed image through exploration of a variety of basic printmaking processes.

ART 300 Painting II

This class will focus on contemporary issues of pictorial space, the development of imagery and the process of abstraction from observation. Personal painting language and direction is addressed as a major topic. Discussions and critiques are held on a regular basis.

ART 309 2D Studio II

This studio course advances aesthetic development of 2-D work through presentation and discussion of formal analysis related to issues and interdisciplinary concerns of image-based art. Intersections between painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and photographic processes will be explored as well as the installation of media in space.

ART 316 Printmaking II

This course focuses on expanding and enriching practices related to the creation of original prints, including the exploration of alternative printmaking processes and the development of multi-colored images.