Hobbies Outside of Wrestling

Though most of my energy and time are spent with family and working with student-athletes on and off the mat, I do enjoy getting away.

Living in one of the best areas in the country for large whitetail deer, I love to bow hunt in the fall. It is a passion I share with a number of guys on our wrestling team and on our coaching staff. 

I also enjoy fishing the Upper Iowa and Mississippi rivers, as well as the numerous trout streams in the area. 

A few years ago I also began farming a family farm outside of Decorah with my brother. What a great experience it has been! My wife, Bridgette, and I have since bought another small piece of ground to farm. It is a great way to reconnect with my roots and family, while introducing my children and wrestlers to the values that make farm families so great. We only have a few acres of corn and beans, but I hire a number of wrestlers each year to help us with the work that needs to be done.