Luther Wrestling in the Community

I have always had a passion for community service work. I currently serve on the St. Benedict Budget and Finance Committee, and I look for ways to get our team involved in community service projects each year.

Our team has recently helped with:

  • Hurricane Cleanup: I led a group of 7 wrestlers to Bay St Louis, Miss. in the fall of 2005 to assist with the clean up from Hurricane Katrina. Bay St. Louis was devastated by the hurricane and we helped families gut their homes and dig through their personal belongings to find anything salvageable. Without a doubt, the experience had a much bigger impact on us than we had in the clean up efforts!
  • Habitat for Humanity: Last year we took a day and did a 'Blitz Build' for a local Habitat For Humanity home. We sheeted and roofed the house. We plan to spend a day helping with a different house again this year.
  • Adopt a Highway: We have an adopted stretch of highway along Pole Line Road and College Drive adjacent to campus. Our team has had the stretch of road for over 15 years. We pick up the garbage along the roads twice each year.
  • Celebration of Life: 10 current wrestlers agreed to be 'auctioned off' to do some household work for 4 hours. The proceeds from the auction exceeded $3,500 and went to help the Celebration of Life Organization to provide free mammograms for under-insured individuals.

My college wrestling coach, Luther grad and previous Wellness Director at Luther, Greg Lonning, had our college team do the same when I was in college and I loved it.