Glenwood Lutheran Church


Pr. Stacey Nalean-Carlson

Weekly Attendance



Contact Info

Pr. Stacey at 563-382-2747

Throughout the pandemic, most of our worship has gone online. We premiere a worship service every Sunday at 10:30am. Our channel is “Stacey Nalean-Carlson” and can be found at

The online worship service utilizes a variety of music and photography and emphasizes preaching that is both pastoral and prophetic. We are an active, tender hearted congregation with a mix of elders, young children, and every age in between. It is a welcoming and affirming space. We’d love to meet you! In the past, we have enjoyed and appreciated Luther students offering their musical gifts here as worship accompanists. We don’t have many students visit our congregation simply because we are 8 miles outside of Decorah. However, online worship has made us far more accessible and we look forward to welcoming students as part of our community here!

Opportunities for Luther Students

Fellowship, Music, Children and Youth Programming, Bible Study, Service Work, Worship Leadership



  • Does not have official welcome statement
  • No folx currently in worship
  • No folx currently in leadership
  • Marries same-sex couples


  • Employs(ed) women clergy
  • Policy for gender inclusion/equity in leadership (councils etc.)
  • Gender neutral bathrooms
  • Opportunity for self-identification of pronouns


  • Congregational anti-racism efforts
  • Community anti-racism efforts
  • No official statement of welcome for BIPOC community
  • No Indigenous land use statement


  • Welcome of immigrants
  • Active support of local immigrants
  • Not a safe sanctuary for undocumented immigrants


  • Not active in environmental justice
  • Non-renewable energy
  • Assesses energy usage
  • Recycling policy in place


  • Has large print bulletins at every service
  • Provides hearing devices for every service
  • Does not have ADA compliant ramps
  • Has ADA compliant restrooms
  • Actively trying to make church environment more accessible