Weekday Chapel

10:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Our Spring semester chapel theme will reflect on the various practices of faith that sustain and inspire us. The mission statement of College Ministries is to Welcome All, Work for Justice, and Walk with students in their journey of faith and learning. During Wednesday and Friday chapels, we will have speakers who share messages that expound on this mission. All chapel services will be held online and the links may be found on the Luther events calendar.

Built into the class schedule and rhythm of life at Luther College, weekday chapel is a time for the community to gather. Faculty, staff, students, and guests serve as chapel speakers, musicians, and artists. Weekday Chapel offers a space in the community schedule to gather as community for song, reflection, and fellowship.

Chapel messages of 2020-21

4/30/2021 Vicar Kathryn Thompson

4/23/2021 Salomé Valdivieso Santillán '23

4/19/2021 Jamie Stallman '14

4/16/2021 Rev. Dr. Guy Nave

4/9/2021   Storm Bailey

4/7/2021   Mychal Shed '23

3/31/2021 Alain Nishimwe '22

3/26/2021 Pr. Mike Foss

3/24/2021  Rev. Dr. Michael Barry

3/19/2021  Kirk Larsen

3/17/2021  Kadra Abdi '08

3/12/2021  Laura Barlament

3/10/2021  Gereon Kopf

3/8/2021  International Women's Day Chapel, VP Lisa Scott

3/3/2021   Dr. Todd Green

2/26/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

2/24/2021  Rev. Dr. Guy Nave

2/19/2021  Wintlett Taylor-Browne

2/12/2021  Brooke Joyce

2/10/2021  Rev. Dr. Jim Martin-Schramm

2/5/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

1/27/2021  Pr. Mike Foss & Dr. Gregory Peterson

1/22/2021  Elise Carlson, senior chapel

1/20/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

1/15/2021  Pr. Mike Foss & Rev. Dr. Guy Nave

1/13/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

1/8/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

1/6/2021  Pr. Mike Foss

12/18/2020    Lucas Byl, '21

12/16/2020  Pr. Mike Foss

12/11/2020  Dr. Storm Bailey

12/9/2020    Pr. Mike Foss

12/4/2020    Pr. Mike Foss

12/2/2020    Dr. Gregory Peterson

11/13/2020  Rev. Dr. Guy Nave

11/11/2020  Mannuko Pheko and Charmaine Neumbo

11/4/2020    Dr. Kirk Larsen

10/30/2020    Thawdar Zin, '21

10/28/2020    Jessi Labenski, '22

10/23/2020    Bishop Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl

10/16/2020    Maggie Hagen, '15

10/14/2020    Katie Debelak, '21

10/7/2020    Prof. Eric Baack

10/2/2020    Bishop Anne Edison-Albright

9/25/2020    Kenneth Knight '79

9/18/2020    Pr. Margaret Herz-Lane, '69

9/11/2020    Loretta Wetzel, '80

9/4/2020    Cyril "CJ" Jervis, '82

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