Outreach Teams

Outreach team drops off finished cards at Aase Haugen

Luther College outreach teams are student-led mobile ministry groups who specialize in youth ministry support for congregations within a 100-mile radius of Decorah.

This page is for students who are interested in learning more about what Outreach does. If you are an area congregation looking to request a team for your event, please visit the Outreach page for congregations.

As a member of an Outreach team, you partner with congregations by leading worship, Bible studies, and youth events (including lock-ins). Members of teams will learn valuable ministry skills useful in camp settings, future youth ministry occupations, and a life of volunteering in your local congregation. It also helps form close ties with your peers as you learn from each other and do God's work side by side.

To find out more about Outreach teams, contact College Ministries.