Button Maker Information for Groups

College Ministries graciously allows student organizations to use their button maker. If your organization is interested in making buttons, please carefully read the information on this page. To reserve the equipment, you can either stop by the College Ministries Office or fill out the Button Maker Request Form at the bottom of this page.


  1. Account number and contact information must be provided before equipment and supplies are released.
  2. A Button Maker Request Form must be filled out.
  3. Return equipment and supplies in good condition and on date specified or account will be billed.
  4. Instructions for using the button maker are on the machine.
  5. Instructions for using the cutting system are as follows:
    1. Use only the mats provided, but do not press too hard.
    2. The blades are adjustable so please make sure they are not cutting the mats.
    3. Center cutter over artwork and turn the clear ring or metal handle (depending on cutter.)


  1. Making buttons
    1. Buttons cost 30 cents each (including pin back, front shell and plastic disks)
    2. Artwork is provided by group and cut to size.
      1. Artwork disc needs to be 2 3/4" diameter
      2. Leave at least 1/4" margin all the way around the edge so it can crimp without losing the art
  2. Equipment replacement costs if not returned in good condition and on time:
    1. Button maker: $399.95
    2. Blue cutter: $29.95 each
    3. Metal cutter: $59.95
    4. Cutting mats: $4.95 each

Button Maker Request Form

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