Bible and Book Studies

Interested in being part of a Bible or Book Study? Contact Gifty Arthur, Deacon of Spiritual Formation, for more information.

Fall Bible Studies 2014

Breathing Underwater, Book and Support Group
5:00 p.m., Mondays, starting September 29
CFL 205/Melanchthon Interfaith Room
Leader: Pastor Mike Blair

Breathing Underwater, by Richard Rohr, is a book connecting the 12 step recovery program of AA & AlAnon to core teachings of Christianity. This group is for students who know or have known friends or loved ones in or recovering from addiction. Because this group requires a high degree of trust, participants need to meet with Pastor Mike for brief conversation before joining to help make sure everyone understands the purpose of the group. We read passages from Breathing Underwater that serve as a spark or catalyst for sharing our own stories in a spirit of trust, support and compassion.

Studying Scripture, Practicing Faith
8:00 p.m., Tuesday nights, starting Sept. 23
Main 116 B
Leader: Pastor Amy Zalk Larson

A bible study with Pastor Amy Zalk Larson, Matthew Gausmann, Ally Franz and Dagny LeMunyon on big questions of faith that can arise in college.

A Hymn Study: Theology of Our Music
8:15 p.m., Tuesday nights
Location TBD
Leaders: Brandon Peck, Solveig Orngard

This will be the study of the theology that comes for the hymnody we sing every week, looking at them deeply and in a meditative way.

One Time Blind
8:00 p.m., Wednesday nights
Location: Main 116 B  (as communicated)
Leader: Gifty Arthur

Study discussions drawn from short video skits by a youth ministry called One Time Blind.  They are able to communicate the reality of Christ in everyday language, using on-stage conversation and dramatic elements to convey their message.

Queer Identity and Faith
6:00 p.m., Thursdays
Location: TBD
Leader: Dathan Simpson

In this study, we will watch a number of documentaries that focus on LGBTQ issues in Christianity and other faith traditions. We will discuss what it is like to be queer in a faith setting and how it shapes faith. This is a safe community and not a place to debate theology.

People Clamoring For Change: Reading the New Testament from a Feminist Perspective
9:00 p.m., Thursdays
Location: Prayer Chapel if available, if not, CFL Lobby
Leader: Ashley Meyers

The purpose of this Bible Study is to create a safe space for people of all identities to study issues of gender inequality and other relevant social issues within the framework of the New Testament in a spirit of mutual faith and respect. This is in order to learn and grow in God’s radical vision of justice and equality for all of humanity starting with the least in society as revealed in Jesus Christ. Together, in such a spirit, we will explore the stories of Mary Magdalene, Paul, Jezebel of Thytira and many others from a feminist perspective. As we read their stories, we will seek alternatives to sexist interpretations in accordance to God’s radical vision for us all so we may better serve God’s world with the help of God to the glory of God. Amen.