Connect with College Ministries

Caring and Connection During Covid-19

In these days, love and care looks like physical distance.To care and connect without touch:

Pray! Send a text to someone you will pray for, and ask them to pray for you. Join the Focus prayer list by emailing focus(at) Email ministry(at) with prayer requests and the College Ministries team will pray for and with you.

Connect! Follow Luther College Ministries on Facebook, Focus on Facebook and Instagram, and the Little Free Pantry on Facebook. Weekday chapel will resume at the start of September term on Wednesday, September 2. September term's chapel pattern will have Sung Morning Praise on Mondays on Youtube, followed by a coffee hour on Zoom. Wednesday chapel services will be held on Bentdahl Commons and will be led by Professor Guy Nave and Professor Jane Hawley. Friday chapels will stream on Zoom and feature readings and a message from friends of Luther followed by a luncheon Zoom where people may connect with the day's speaker.

Reach Out: Reach out to the College Ministries staff for someone to talk to, whether you are on or off campus. We will meet with people by google hangouts, zoom and phone. Check our google calendars for availability, or email us to set up a time.

Connect with our staff:

With love, care and prayer, The College Ministries Team

Pastor Annie, Tricia and Vicar Kathryn