Blessed is the Lectionary

Seasons & Texts for The Academic Year

The Project

Rooted in the Beatitudes, we have created seven themes, built around key actions and key texts, that are flexible and moveable from year to year. On some Sundays, we may keep the Revised Common Lectionary texts assigned for the day. On others, we may substitute from the theme. We may substitute all of the readings, or even choose to use a text throughout the season. How we use this tool will change fromyear to year, based on the needs of the community and God’s nudge. 


Blessed is the lectionary attentive to the needs, journeys, questions and gifts of an academic community; that multiplies opportunities for conversations and connections between faith and learning; and invites all to dwell in, receive and encounter God’s word. 

Blessed is the lectionary that brings to the center voices that have historically been placed at the margins; recognizes that life flows in different ways for different people; facilitates the sharing of texts, faith stories, and core convictions from multiple traditions; does not shy away from difficult texts; and guides discernment of a liberating Word. 

Blessed is the lectionary that is attentive to the prophetic witness of peace and justice; fosters solidarity in community through levity and lament; and is intentionally connected with a greater communion. 

Themes and key texts

Abiding –Isaiah 43 (“I love you”)

Wandering—Gen 12:1-9 (Call of Abram)

Turning—Luke 1:46-55 (Magnificat)

Complaining—Psalm 88 (Soul of troubles)

Surprising—2 Kings 5:1-14 (Namaan)

Thriving—Acts 2:1-21 (Pentecost)

Confounding—Matt. 15-21-28 (Canaanite Woman)