NECU 2020 Interfaith Conference

Multiple Belongings - Interfaith and Intersections

NECU 2020 Interfaith Conference | June 1-3, 2020 | Luther College, Decorah, IA

As a gathering of students, faculty, and staff from ELCA colleges and universities, this conference will seek to explore the complexities of multiple belongings - in particular, engaging the reality that many of us embody multiple religious and spiritual commitments.  Additionally, these worldviews and ethical ways of living are deeply shaped and influenced by our other complex and multiple identities. Such realities necessitate that our interfaith work continues to evolve. Together we will develop ways to hold these nuanced and diverse ways of being, in ourselves, and in our interfaith work on campus, as we create spaces of learning, understanding, and multiple belongings.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Najeeba Syeed, Claremont School of Theology