Movement Fundamentals

Movement Fundamentals teaches dancers to see their bodies as intelligent. That bodies are sources of movement. This practice teaches that people of every age and ability can dance.

In our classes, improvisation exercises, such as the Four Phases, lead to choreography.

Through Movement Fundamentals, our students find that everything can become a dance, and everyone can dance.

Luther offers a specialized track in Movement Fundamentals through an Individualized Interdisciplinary Major. This course provides students with a wide diversity of movement and performance training, as well as helping students develop as artists, scholars, and educators.

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Alumni Perspectives

Read an article about the combination of the Movement Fundamentals Curriculum and a senior project. Christie Owen's '16

“The Movement Fundamental's Curriculum is an anatomical, somatic approach to exploring dance, movement, and being in the world. The three core classes: practices of alignment and function, range and efficiency, and vocabulary and intention liberate students to explore their body as a tool in which to create organic, authentic movement."

 —Calli Micale '13

“Movement Fundamentals is an organic & holistic training focused on movement exploration that empowers people of all ages, shapes, & abilities to be intelligent, perceptive, & innovative dance artists and lifelong movers.”

Mike Moran '12

Movement Fundamentals—Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist, copyright Jane Hawley, 2001.

Luther now offers an Individualized Interdisciplinary major in Movement Fundamentals.

Certification in Movement Fundamentals is highly recommended with this specialized major. For information about becoming certified, visit the professional website.